We can use the blast hoses in many fields. For example, sandblast machine. Besides, we can use it to remove rust in factory. So it is a key thing to choose a good blasting hose. Here are some factors you need to concern:

The first one is the inner rubber. Good inner rubber have good abrasion resistance. Generally we use the abrasion coefficient to describe it. Coefficient higher , the hoses have a bad performance of abrasion resistance. The abrasion resistance of high quality hose is under 40mm³. While medium quality is about 50~65mm3. then the worst quality about 110mm³. What’s more, we have ISO 4969 standard. So when you choose blasting hoses , confirm this first.

sand blast hose

The next is pressure resistance. The reinforce materials influence this. 1 layer or 2layers fibre, 1 steel wire or 2 layers are quite different .

So when you choose blast hoses, you should think about 2 factors. Abrasion coefficient and reinforce.