At the beginning of April, the raw material market of rubber additives began to fluctuate, and the raw material price has decreased by about 20% so far. The downstream tire enterprises have also begun to wait and see, and the market demand has fallen.

It is understood that from the statistical situation of the whole industry, in the first half of 2020, the rubber auxiliary industry as a whole is in a difficult situation, especially the serious decline in product prices; In the second half of the year, with the amplification of market demand, the overall operation improved significantly, and even reached full capacity in December. The overall efficiency of the industry recovered rapidly.

As a result of the low base last year, and the first quarter of this year industry production and sales situation continued to rise at the end of last year, so the increase is larger.

From the data of listed companies, it is expected that the overall situation of the rubber auxiliaries industry is better than last year.

According to the statistics of China Rubber Industry Association, from January to February, the sales revenue of member enterprises reached 3.635 billion yuan, up 33.42%; The total output of rubber auxiliaries was 225,800 tons, up 35.32%; The export delivery value increased by 46.51%, and the export rate (value) increased by 2.62 percentage points, 29.37%.

According to relevant analysis, China’s economy will show a trend of “high in the beginning and low in the end, declining quarter by quarter” this year. Therefore, rubber auxiliaries enterprises believe that the future trend of the industry will also tend to be stable.

At the same time, enterprises also reflect that in the context of increasing market uncertainties and risks, user enterprises should not always think of making profits from the price reduction of raw materials, but should seek profits from the market, cultivate suppliers, form strategic partnerships and achieve win-win development.