The PU tube produced by professional PU tube manufacturer are used very abrasion resistant materials production and processing, so the products will has wear-resisting performance. It can effectively play its using performance when using, which also increased the use function of PU tube. We will talk about the content of below related content.

When using the product, we will first do some anti corrosive processing work for it. If we don’t do it the anti-corrosion treatment, it can occur when using some corrosion can even appear deformation, so it may affect the service life of the product, which will shorten the working life of PU tube. Such use will cause some trouble for us, so we’re going to do for this product in advance of anti-corrosion treatment, please don’t feel trouble. This is also doing this for the work behind us avoid some unnecessary trouble, we are in store for the product, its storage place also have some requirements, we will keep the storage place to dry and ventilated, Do not let the sun directly on the product, do not let the rain to get it wet. In addition, we should put the product into good categories when we store it, so that when we use it, we can find it very easily, so as to save time.

PU tube manufacturers remind the product not to store for too long, if too long time will appear corrosion phenomenon, so it will cause some economic losses to us. If you have any questions about our products, you can contact us at any time.

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