Super microporous aeration by new micro molecular material tube, atomization effect ranked first in all types of aeration tube.Its working principle is: by air compressor pump pressure, so that uniform aeration tube to expand and reach the design value, A lot of air bubbles (diameter: 20 ~ 50um) coming out from the wall, in the water in the smoke state, Rise very slowly, dissolved oxygen effect is remarkable, to dramatically improve the oxygen content in the water, Increasing the mobility of water, improve the density of aquaculture.

Outer diameter: 10-28mm
Wall thickness: 2mm above
The bubble diameter: 20-50um
Dynamic power: 02 / kw. Hr
The air flow: 3-12 cubic meters/HRM
Applicable water depth: 0-6 meters
Used to make the dissolved oxygen in the water reach higher amount and enhance the air density. Apply to aquaculture, sewage treatment, garden irrigation,greenhouse.
● Cold resistance(-40°C,8h)
● Tensile strength ≥2.2 Mpa
● Tensile elongation ≥130 percent

Construction: NR&PE compound