For a car, it is important to run fast, but it is even more important to brake well. Brakes play a very important role in the driving process and directly determine driving safety. It can be called the first line of defence for people’s lives. If the brakes fail in the process, the consequences will be very serious.

What we need to know is that there are many reasons for brake failure. One of the more common causes is a leaking brake distributor pump, badly worn brake discs, deteriorating brake fluid and aging brake hoses. The most easily overlooked of these components is the brake fluid pipe.

air brake hose

The brake fluid line is the line that carries the brake fluid. A leak in the line can cause the brake system to malfunction and even lead to brake failure.

The majority of brake fluid hoses in domestic vehicles are made of rubber, which will age with use over time. Severe ageing can lead to cracking, bulging and leaking, which can seriously affect brake performance. It is recommended that they should be replaced every 3 years or 60,000 km. Therefore, when using your car on a daily basis, apart from paying attention to whether the brake discs are excessively worn and whether the brake fluid has deteriorated, the inspection of the brake fluid pipes should also not be neglected.

brake hose

Therefore, it is very important to replace your brake hoses in good time.

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