Fire hoses carries fire retardant liquids such as high pressure water or foam. Conventional fire hoses is rubber lined and covered with linen fabric; advanced fire hoses are PU lined. The fire hose has metal fittings on both ends to connect to another hose. Thus can extend the distance. It can also connect a nozzle to increase the liquid injection pressure.

The fire hoses are better one by one to prevent defective products . the bad quality may cause hidden dangers such as fire rescue. Good quality fire hoses also have a validity period. Once the validity period expires, new fire hoses must be replaced. So how long is the service life of the fire hose? Is there a specified service life?

fire hose

In fact, there is no clear regulations in many countries, it reaches the service life and then people will change to new one. To judge it’s qualified or not, we check its appearance, surface, diameter and length. The diameter and length should match the fire hydrant. What’s more, the inner material aging or not is important.

In daily management, you can connect the hoses to fire hydrants to do pressure test every six months. At present, many country has not stipulated the replacement

period. We should replace the hose in time according to the quality.

according to the relevant regulations, once the fire hose is used, it must be replaced or repaired by the fire maintenance unit. You should test it at least once a year. because the fire hose must withstand very high water pressure during use. The inner wall will go bad with time passing by.

fire hose

General rubber lined fire hose:

valid for one year

PVC fire hose:

valid for two years;

PU fire hose:

valid for two years.

Of course, this is only a reference value. It also depends on the quality and use of the product. Reminder, store in small temperature difference environment. 15 ℃ is the best. And no contact with corrosive substances. thus the storage time will be longer.