This hose is used as a flexible connector conveying coolant water  to convey cooling water to furnace doors in steel mills, glass plants, foundries, or where hose is subject to high temperatures. Available with Nomex or Fiberglass cover. Also available as non-conductive hose for use on electrical furnaces or with stainless steel Armour Guard braids. Large size hose can be made with built-in fittings.


Tube: EPDM,white,smooth and non-conductive
Reinforcement: 2 ply synthetic fabric Cover:Glass fibre ply impregnated with heat and flame resistant synthetic rubber


The non-conductive furnace door hose is designed for conveying cooling water to furnace doors in steel mills,glass plants and similar operations.

-40℃(-40°F) to +130℃(+266°F),
Cover to +302℃(+575°F)

● Superior heat resistance cover resists heat up to +575°F .
● Resists heat ,open flamee and splashes of white hot metal to +575°F( +302℃).
● EPDM tube is non- conductive.