Metal hose is commonly used in modern industry, so what advantages does it have compared with other hoses? As a professional metal hose manufacturer, the following explain will help you know more information of the hose:

  1. Flexible hose between metal hose pitch, small bending radius.
  2. The metal hose has good elasticity without blocking or stiffness.
  3. The metal hose light in weight and the caliber consistency is good.
  4. The metal hose is repeatable and flexible.
  5. The metal hose has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
  6. The metal hose is anti-rat bite, wear-resistant, and prevents the internal wires from being worn.
  7. metal hoses are resistant to bending, tensile properties and strong lateral pressure resistance.
  8. metal hose is soft and smooth, easy to thread installation and positioning.
  9. metal hoses are equipped with many hose joints, easy to connect with instruments and equipment.