Hose clamps

The hose clamp is a device used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting.

Hose clamps can be divided into multiple,such as American worm-drive clamp,Germany Type Clamp,Superior clamp ,Double Bolt Clamp,Double wire Hose Clamp. Here mainly introduced American worm-drive clamp and Germany Type Clamp.

American worm-drive clamp and Germany Type Clamp consist of a galvanized or stainless steel band .One end of the band contains a captive screw. The clamp is put around the hose or tube to be connected, with the loose end being fed into a narrow space between the band and the captive screw. When the screw is turned, it acts as a worm drive pulling the threads of the band, causing the band to tighten around the hose. This hose clamps are normally used for hoses 1/2 in diameter and up, with other clamps used for smaller hoses.