PVC garden hose advantages

PVC Garden water hose also known as PVC fiber reinforced garden hose, inside and outside to take high-quality PVC material, the inner layer is generally black, the outer layer is generally yellow, not light, to prevent the breeding of organic bacteria, the middle winding reticular reinforcement line, the inner and outer layers of tight. Finished flexible garden hose appearance is bright colors, beautiful, soft and smooth texture. Their smooth appearance will help them through the trees, pillars and other obstacles Things. Garden hose pipe are also usually tough enough to be scratched on rocks and trampled without damage or leakage. Garden hose is ideal for home, factory, garden greening. And quick air hose coupling, water gun with the use of irrigation or washing vehicles, restaurants, kitchens, toilets, roads and other use when easy to disassemble.

Orientflex garden hose has many points:

1.High tensile polyester yarn spiral

2.Sprayer and connector are available

3.100% virgin material non-toxic,non smell

4.Non-king super flexible under -20℃

5.With superior abrasion resistance

6.Excellent resilience and flexible


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