Failure of hydraulic hose in excavator application – failure of outer tube of rubber hydraulic hose

Excavator hydraulic system can not be separated from the use of rubber hydraulic hose, and in the course of similar penetration, cracks, rupture, loose and other failures are common.

  1. In low temperature areas, once the appearance of the hose cracks, will make the hose bent, pay attention to observe whether the hose rubber cracks, and decide whether to immediately replace the hose
  2. The surface of the hose is bubbling due to poor hose quality or improper use, if the bubble appears in the hose between the parts, mostly hose quality problems. Should be timely replacement of reliable quality of the hose, if the hose appears in the hose connector, it is likely due to improper installation of the connector
  3. The outer layer of the hose is seriously deteriorated and the surface is cracked, which is the performance of the hose for too long natural aging.
  4. Hose is not broken, but a lot of oil, when the hose was not found rupture, but a lot of oil leakage, the reason is likely to be through the high pressure hose, the inner layer was eroded, abrasions, The layer leads to a lot of oil leakage

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