The PVC garden  hose is a common hose in everyone’s daily life. It is widely used in industries such as garden irrigation and car wash industrial construction, and is often used to convey liquid and powdery media. So what are the unique advantages of garden tube? Let me introduce you as a professional hose manufacturer.

The inner and outer walls of the PVC garden hose fiber tube are made of plastic PVC, and the middle is made of a special fiber tube special line. The two are relatively soft and have high wear resistance. The good material guarantees the good tightness of the hose so that it is isolated from the outside air, and the material in the tube is not oxidized and deteriorated.

The PVC garden hose has light weight, easy to carry, corrosion resistance, sanitation, large liquid flow and low resistance. It is a kind of energy-saving tube. It has a bright appearance and bright colors. You can choose different appearance colors according to different needs. The hose is clean, hygienic, and convenient to use. It is used in many aspects, such as medicine, machine tool pumps, rural irrigation, construction and other industries, industrial transportation of liquids, etc.
The quality of the PVC garden hose products produced by our company is excellent. After a series of strict inspections, the quality is guaranteed. The following shows a video for everyone to let you feel the product inspection of our company intuitively.