expandable garden hose

The expandable garden hose is easy to use and will instantly contract once the water is turned off.Our Expandable Hose is vigorously tested to ensure our customers receive the best quality available.
Benefits: Expands up to 3 times it’s original length made to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability Durable Triple Layer Latex hose to prevent bursting Compacts when the water is turned off making it easy to store Never kinks or tangles.
Makes watering easy & hassle free! So lightweight a child can manage the expandable hose easily!
It’s built strong to last a long time!

Automatically expand up to 3 times of its original length when the water is turned on
Contact back to original length instantly when the water is tured off
Strong, durable and light weight,Never kink or tangle


Irrigation and washing in the parks, community, factories and families
Pets bathing,hose cleaning
Car washing,garden watering



pvc-expandable-garden-hose-application-structure-1                          pvc-expandable-garden-hose-application-structure-3       expandable-garden-hose-application-structure-2

In general, the packing will use woven bag and plastic film.
Special packing as customer request.Multiple modes of transportation available,
We can choose the most economical way for you.


    expandable garden hose