Hot tar & Asphalt suction hose

Hot tar & Asphalt suction hose are designed specifically for the transfer of tar, asphalt, hot oils and other high-temperature petroleum based products in terminals ,tank trucks, bulk stations or on paving equipment.


Tube: Black,smooth,special elastmoer compound
Reinforcement:2 or 4 layers high tensile cord with steel wire helix, anti-static wires Cover:Black,wrapped finish,synthetic elastomer compound for high abrasion ,ozone & weather resistance

Application: Hot tar and alphalt suction hose is specially designed for conveying hot tar and asphalt.


Tube is synthetic oil,abrasion,and heat resistant Cover is resistant to weathering and abrasion. Special tube si heat resistant up to 180℃ All sizes are full vacuum

Temperature:-40℃(-22℉) to +180℃( +356℉)