PVC Shower Hose

PVC Shower Hose is also called PVC Shower Hose, PVC Bathroom Hose, Bathroom Shower Hose, Bath Shower Hose etc. which is designed for shower and sanitary wares.The hose is light, flexible.It could be made transparent or coloured as customer requirements.The hose is adaptable to high tensile strength , good resistance to high pressure, hardening and erosion.

Construction: Tube and Cover: PVC
Reinforcement:high tensile polyester fibre

Application: PVC shower hose is used for accessaroy of shower,bathroom and sanitary ware in family use of other.


●Flexible,durable,non-toxic,without odor ●Can work under high pressure and temperature condition ●Anti-aging,long working life

Temperature:-10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)