Air compressor hose

Often people think that any air hose can be used with new compressors, but most good compressors do not contain rubber air hose, some low-end models include low-quality spiral air hose (usually cheap PVC ). Luckily, ORIENTFLEX will provide you with the best high quality air compressor hose and you do not need to spend a lot.
ORIENTFLEX air compressor hose Meets or exceeds the requirements of Standard ISO 2398,Type 1,Class A. This hose can work in an environment of -40℃(-104℉) to 70℃(+158℉). so basically it will work well anywhere. The tube of rubber air hose is
black, smooth, synthetic rubber oil mist resistant. The cover of compressor air hose is yellow, smooth, synthetic rubber, weathering ozone resistant. The reinforcement is High strength synthetic cord.
Choose orientflex, Our friendly and professional staff will help you meet your specific requirements, our knowledge and expertise will save your time and money.