Fault of the hydraulic hose in the application of the excavator – Failure of the rubber hose rupture

The hydraulic system of the excavator can not be separated from the application of rubber hydraulic hose, but the faults such as seepage, crack, rupture and loosening are common in the process of use. Here is a brief introduction to the Failure of the rubber hose rupture

  1. Hose one or more rupture, rupture neat this phenomenon is mainly due to the system pressure is too high, more than the hose pressure capacity
  2. The rupture of the hose rupture is due to excessive torsion of the hose during installation or use. After the hose is twisted, the reinforcing layer structure changes, the gap between the braid and the wound wire increases, reduces the compressive strength of the hose, and the hose is easy to break under high pressure
  3. Hose crack at the mouth of the wire crimp has obvious necking phenomenon, because the hose is too much tensile deformation, the separation of the layers, reducing the compressive strength. Hose under high pressure will occur in the direction of the direction of contraction or elongation, the general amount of expansion and contraction of the normal state of +2% to -4%. If the hose is chosen to be too short during installation, it will be subject to great tension, severe rupture or loose failure, and if the hose span is too large, the hose weight and the weight of the oil will give the hose a large tensile force, serious will also be broken or loose failure

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