Fault of the hydraulic hose in the application of the excavator – hydraulic hose inner rubber layer fault

The hydraulic system of the excavator can not be separated from the application of rubber hydraulic hose, but the faults such as seepage, crack, rupture and loosening are common in the process of use. Here is a brief introduction to the rubber layer fault in the hose

  1. The hose inside the rubber layer is hard, has the crack, the hose at high temperature, high pressure work, hose overheating, will make hose plasticizer overflow, overheating hydraulic oil through the system of oil cylinders, valves and other components, if the production of large pressure drop will cause hydraulic oil decomposition, resulting in the hose inner layer oxidation and harden, encountered this situation, Should first check the hydraulic system operating temperature is normal, valve and throttle hole, high-pressure pump suction channel is unblocked, in the elimination of all may lead to high oil temperature and hydraulic oil decomposition of the factors after the replacement of the hose
  2. The inner layer of the hose is badly deteriorated, the obvious swelling is due to the use of hydraulic oil time extended or oxidation deterioration of the dirt exists in the hydraulic system, the hose is chemically modified, in the back of the oil will find broken rubber tablets, check the system hydraulic oil hose adhesive material compatibility and working temperature is in line with the standard