Introduction of PVC hose classification

PVC hose is made of PVC resin plus a large amount of plasticizer and a certain amount of stabilizer and other additives, through the processing of injection molding after a kind of engineering or civilian hose. PVC hose has excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation properties and good flexibility, coloring, this pipe often replace the rubber hose, used to transport liquid and corrosive media.

PVC hose according to its enhanced use of different materials, can be divided into PVC steel wire reinforced hose, PVC fiber reinforced hose , PVC suction hose (PVC plastic reinforced hose) . As the reinforcement of the material in its different arrangement, there are PVC wire spiral reinforced hose, PVC fiber spiral reinforced hose, PVC resin spiral reinforced hose (tendon tube), PVC steel mesh reinforced hose, PVC fiber mesh Reinforced hose and composite reinforced hose, such as PVC steel fiber composite reinforced hose. But also according to its performance and use of different, divided into PVC conventional hose and PVC anti-static hose, PVC insulation tube, PVC anti-wear hose, PVC high pressure hose, PVC high temperature hose, PVC low temperature hose, PVC fire hose. In addition, according to its transmission of different media, known as the PVC fluid tube, and can be divided into several categories, such as PVC air hose, PVC gas hose, PVC oxygen hose, PVC acetylene hose. But also according to its arrangement is divided into different forms of PVC single tube or PVC double tube, which PVC double tube for gas welding gas, such as PVC oxygen acetylene double pipe. Also can be based on whether the transparent, the appearance of color, commonly used places are divided into PVC transparent hose, PVC color tube, ho silk tube (household PVC pipe) and so on.