PVC hose production process

Soft PVC and hard PVC production process is slightly different, because the soft formula into the largest plasticizer, so kneading plastic is a common part of the production of PVC hose. In the soft PVC kneading process, in order to make the resin plasticizer swelling and perfection, so that the kneading material is dispersed evenly, we must pay attention to the feeding order. The resin and plasticizer should be mixed first when adding a certain amount of filler (such as CaCO3). When the resin and the filler are mixed first and then added to the plasticizer, the plasticizer is first penetrated into the filler particles because the particle structure of the filler is generally loose than the resin and when both are present at the same time can’t make the resin full swelling. Kneading generally use “Z” type kneading machine, jacket heating, steam pressure is about 0.24 ~ 0.39MPa. Kneading 50 ~ 60min. After kneading to be often flip, to prevent the local heat over the decomposition. The kneaded material is pelletized and fed to the extruder to extrude the tubing. The extrusion temperature may be slightly lower than the temperature of the extruded PVC pipe.