PE composite pipes can be divided into two types: steel wire mesh framework and steel framework according to the different frameworks. There are great differences between the two.The specific comparison is as follows:

Fourth, the size standard:
pe steel wire mesh plastic composite pipe: the nominal diameter is adopted, which is scientific and reasonable when calculating the flow rate. When connecting with pumps, valves, etc., the inner diameter is consistent. The difference between the inner diameter of the pipe and the fitting is small, and the flow resistance is small.
Five-end treatment:
Pe steel wire mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe: Firstly, the plastic ring for sealing is produced by injection molding, and then the sealing ring is connected to the pipe body by gluing or welding. This method has high production efficiency, and the quality guarantee is not easy to leak at the seal.
Six. Pe steel wire mesh plastic composite pipe resistance to external pressure and negative pressure:

The reinforced skeleton of the steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe is a steel mesh welded with steel wires. The diameter of the reinforcing steel wire of the steel mesh skeleton composite pipe is only about 1.0mm. The steel wire is dense and uniform and has not been welded. The external pressure and negative pressure resistance are strong. During the construction of the PE steel wire mesh skeleton pipe, special care must be taken to avoid pipe deformation caused by the external pressure, especially the deformation of the pipe end. If the deformation is large, it will directly affect the electric melting. The size of the sleeve is good or bad, which ultimately affects the welding quality. Once a negative pressure occurs during the operation, the steel wire mesh skeleton tube is prone to being flattened and a major accident.
Seven, long-term performance :

Due to the reasonable structure of the PE steel skeleton plastic composite pipe and the good temperature resistance, at the same time, each pipe is sealed by the injection molding method. The PE steel mesh skeleton composite pipe produced by our company is mechanically molded. The sealing quality of the end is reliable and the sealing performance is good. In summary, the long-term performance of the pipe is good. It has been used in more than ten years under severe conditions. It has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, gas, water supply and other fields. .