PA tube

Nylon tube (polyamide), referred to as PA tube for short. PA pipe has good physical and chemical and mechanical properties: wear resistance, can be used under the conditions of sand, stone, iron chips; smooth surface, reduce resistance, can prevent rust and scale deposition; soft, easy to bend, easy to install , Simple processing. At the same time, it is rigid. When a certain shape is required, it can be made into various shapes like metal pipes without complicated equipment and tooling. It can withstand the corrosion of many chemical substances. It has stable size and low permeability. Can be used as an insulator; long service life, even decades, good temperature resistance, can work in the environment of -40-100 ° C.

PA hose has superior mechanical strength and excellent abrasive resistance,oil resistance,superior cold resistance
The nylon air hose is high precision of inside and outside diameter,suitable for various kinds of fittings.
It is high resistance to hydrocarbons oils and chemical products.
PA hose used for transport compressed air,water,oil,chemicals etc.
Such as the nylon hose widely used in light truck, air brake hose in car, power steering hose; forklift truck,
loading care excavator, crane, ships, engineering machinery and control system line; paint; high pressure liquid resin spraying pipe,
air condition, etc.