pressure washer hose

High pressure washer hose by using high pressure water cleaning equipment to produce high pressure water, through the nozzle of high pressure cleaning tube to turn pressure into high concentration of water jet flow. High pressure washer hose due to the use of high pressure water jet cleaning dirt, unless you are stubborn fat, high pressure cleaning tube only need to add a few cleaner or bubble water to remove dirt.

The classification of the high pressure cleaning tube varied, the basis of classification is also varied, mainly introduces classification to water temperature. High pressure cleaning machine according to the water temperature points, can be divided into two categories, one kind is cold water high pressure cleaner, another kind is hot water high pressure cleaner.The biggest difference between the two is that the hot water heating devices are typically used in cleaner burning tube to heat water.Use hot water washing, can quickly washed a lot of cold water is not easy to clean the dirt and grease cleaning efficiency is greatly increased.But often because of the advantages of high price and the hot water running cost is high, because the majority of users to use diesel or choose common cold water high-pressure cleaning tube.

High pressure washer applications in all walks of life, at the same time, also can be provided for many businesses,

1.High pressure washer work in all kinds of plumbing pipes, industrial water pipes, industrial and mining enterprises and residential sewage pipes, storm sewer, gas, municipal pipelines, the flue, pipeline and two phase flow blockage of cleaning;

  1. High pressure washer tube in each kind of heat exchanger, condenser, air preheater, refrigerator, rehydration, dust, evaporation tank, reaction kettle, scaling the object such as heating device;
  2. All kinds of boiler, tank, vessel, salt, and dirt, alkali cleaning scale and materials;
  3. High pressure washer work in heating system, air conditioning cleaning;

5. All kinds of large-scale buildings, buildings and attachments on the surface of the high pressure cleaning equipment inside and outside are applied to high pressure cleaning tube

high pressure washer hose application